Very busy

Did rehearsal for Tedx Flour City

Very nervous, nearly dropped the clicker.

Meeting today with market analyst – she was encouraging, though it was daunting –

“Are you excited? Get ready for a ride! This market is big but you’ll have to move fast!”



I am in a bit of a whirlwind right now.

Had a great meeting with a market analyst today, I think she will be very helpful sorting out a path forward. She was very enthusiastic about our idea.

Also we may have found someone to help with the coding improvements. 

It is great having the support/contacts of HTR, 

so much to think about – I’m so used to the ‘simple’ problems of a private practice!

There is interest in developing more with PTSD (on my agenda already) and  with urges specific to fire. The person I have worked with in the past on juvenile firesetting is interested in being an additional advisor. He has a lot of contacts in the field

And now Oklahoma tornados!

Such a mess.  Someone else will have to take this one.

Hard to say “no” – I feel selfish, yet if I stick to what I am doing now, maybe I can do more later, and I think we will be having more disaster weather events. An F5 tornado? That’s supposed to be rare!


I think Mike Totterman’s idea of offering to do the legwork for the MD’s will pan out. The group I met with are interested in the service and may take me up on my offer to take over the invitations and data collection from their patients. They were a little hesitant as if I do that they won’t have the same level of access to the data.

Made up a form/release for their patients to sign and put their emails on so I can activate and then the MD faxes or mails the form to me to initiate.

The quick pitch actually went well, thanks to the help of Launchpad. I got some interesting comments. The fact that some of the audience did not understand my concept shows me I need to be clearer. People were positive. It was a good experience presenting to people who have no idea where I am coming from


Mark and I had a great meeting with Craig Lamb of Envative. We are hopeful that we have found someone to work with us on Lifesuds (Yes we haven’t changed the name yet)

Thanks Mike Riedlinger for the referral!

Up at 4 am with ideas for how to present this program more as a story. I think I have a dramatic opening. Wait till you hear it!

What about 

I-Que or I-Cue

‘smart path to progress’


A colleague just contacted me wanting information about cognitive behavior therapists

In the past this therapist and I were on the Monroe County Juvenile Firesetters Council. 

He is presenting this fall at a National Conference in Maine on the future of treatment of firesetters and so we might put something together. He uses CBT and wants to see if the site would be something he can talk about at the conference!

You never know do you?



Had informative meeting with Mike Totterman and Thuan Pham at iCardiac. Just what I needed to plan what I need to do next. I guess I’m farther along than I thought and it’s good to get validation from people who have done this many times.


Three more  Cognitive Behavior Therapists are going to give their feedback on the site. Two of them I have never met, but contacted them from their listings. One is in NYC and may meet with us when we go to the NYSPA (New York State Psychological Convention) first weekend in June. Another guy is local. I think that focusing on “newer” therapists is a good idea for now. 

Spending time planning for Demo days and TedxFlour City.